Documents you Need for your Arizona Divorce

Over the course of your separation and divorce proceeding, you’ll need documents on just about everything of significance in your life and financial affairs. Collecting these documents is a big job. But like a long journey, you’ll reach your destination by taking one step at a time. Don’t be overwhelmed. Start with the first step: collect the documents listed below for the past five (5) years for you and your spouse:

  • Federal and State tax returns

  • W-2s

  • Paystubs

  • Bank statements for all accounts, including checking, savings, money market and certificates of deposits

  • Safety deposit boxes and their content

  • Investment accounts, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds

  • Retirement accounts/benefits (401k, IRA, pension, Thrift Savings Plan, etc.)

  • Military benefits (retirement, disability, BAH and BAS, education)

  • Education accounts (529 accounts, Education IRAs, Uniform Transfers to Minors Act accounts)

  • Mortgage statements for all properties, including any Home Equity Line of Credit

  • Credit Card statements (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, gasoline, department stores, etc.)

  • Other debts (joint or separate), such as car loans, personal loans or 401k loans

  • All written agreements between you and your spouse

  • Your marriage certificate

Each case is unique and will require additional, case-specific documents, but this is a good start. And don’t worry if you don’t have all of them. Any missing documents can be obtained from your spouse in the course of the divorce proceeding through a subpoena or discovery request. But the easiest and least expensive way to get these documents is for you to copy and store them in a safe place that your spouse cannot access before the separation and divorce proceeding heats up or gets underway.